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On-site repair service available for urgent lens fittings

Barry & Sargent Optometrists have an onsite workshop which enables us to provide a full repair service with a range of generic frame parts on site.

Barry & Sargent Optometrists has had a workshop since 1921 where lenses were previously fitted by technicians on site. As the optical industry has developed over the years, we now use New Zealand-based laboratories to grind and fit lenses (i.e. to make lenses to a prescription and cut lenses to fit into a frame).

This enables us to have access to the latest technology in spectacle lens designs and coatings, and the ability to fit lenses to international standards. We use a range of laboratories including the renowned French lens laboratory Essilor (which has a laboratory based in Auckland) and other independent laboratories around New Zealand. This enables Barry & Sargent Optometrists to complete orders for new spectacles in a short time period. We can provide an urgent lens fitting service on an emergency basis, depending on the prescription that is required.