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Latest technology helps and protects your eyes

At Barry & Sargent Optometrists we offer the latest in spectacle lens technology. We use premium lenses to provide excellent vision and clarity, and to protect your eyes.

We are experts in spectacle lenses. At Barry and Sargent Optometrists, we will take the time to discuss your options to find the best vision solutions tailored to your individual prescription and lifestyle.

As an independent practice we have access to all leading lens manufacturers such as Essilor, Nikon and other New Zealand based laboratories. We offer a wide range of spectacle lens options with high-quality lens treatments for all prescriptions, budgets and vision needs.

Come and speak to our experts about the best vision solution for you.

Specialty spectacle lenses


This exclusive lens technology has been specifically designed for children and aims to stabilise myopia (or short-sightedness). Research has found that Myopilux™ is more effective at slowing down myopia compared to normal spectacle lenses.


Many people suffer from difficulty focusing, tired and strained eyes. Eyezen™ lenses have been specifically designed to relax and protect your eyes from digital screens. The innovative technology helps to ease eyestrain caused by close screen viewing distances, protect against blue light and provide sharp, comfortable vision.

Progressive lenses

Presbyopia occurs when the lens of the eye becomes less flexible with age and loses its ability to focus on near objects. Progressive lenses (also known as graduated or multifocal lenses) are the optimal solution combining multiple powers within one lens to enable clear viewing across all distances without the need to constantly change glasses.

We offer a range of progressive lenses for different visual needs and budgets. Our optometrists are experts at fitting progressive lenses and will take the time to provide advice and take precise measurements.

Varilux® X-Series™

The most advanced progressive lens by Varilux® has been designed for today’s progressive lens wearers to ensure outstanding sharpness and effortless vision from near to far. This latest generation of progressives are optimised to dramatically reduce distortions and the ‘swim’ effect commonly experienced with progressives. These lenses are tailored to your visual behaviour and reduce the amount of head movement so you don’t need to find the ‘sweet spots’.

Anti-reflective coatings

Anti-reflective (or anti-glare) coatings help to reduce reflected light to improve clarity of vision and enable others to see you instead of your glasses. Anti-reflective coatings are available for all types of lens.

Our anti-reflective coatings provide maximum UV light protection on both the front and back surfaces to prevent damaging UV rays from reaching the eye. We use the latest anti-reflective coatings such as Crizal® UV, Crizal® Prevencia™ (to selectively filter out Blue-violet light from electronic devices) and Crizal® Sapphire™ UV (for superior clarity and transparency).

Anti reflective treatments shield your lenses from reflections to enhance clarity of vision.

Vision for your lifestyle

We offer various solutions for UV and eye protection. Prescription sunglasses, sports and swimming goggles can allow you to enjoy the activities you love.

Sun lenses and polarised sunglasses can effectively protect against UV rays, bright light and reflections. Polarised sunglasses are the best protection against glare from light reflecting off roads, sea or snow.

Photochromic lenses react to changes in brightness and darken in the sun and outdoors. Transitions® lenses are available in any prescription to provide comfortable vision in changing light conditions.

We also have a range of safety glasses certified to Australian/New Zealand and International standards for impact protection.