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Your vision is essential to safety

Good vision is essential for driving performance and road safety. Just as your car needs regular warrant of fitness checks, your eyes need examining to ensure that your vision meets the NZ Transport Agency eyesight standards.

A driver’s vision screening will test your distance vision ability (with or without glasses or contact lenses), test your field of vision and perform a screening for any obvious vision problems such as depth perception. It is a check to ensure that you meet the driving standards for eyesight rather than a full check for glasses or full eye health assessment.

Your eyesight needs to be checked when you apply for a new licence class or endorsement, or when renewing your licence. Your optometrist will issue an eyesight certificate (valid for 60 days) to take to your driver licencing agent.

It is a driver’s responsibility to ensure that their vision meets the eyesight standards at all times. If you think your eyesight may not be adequate, visit your optometrist and get it checked. We recommend that all drivers have regular eye examinations and more frequently after age 40.